Alexa Greenwald added to the Celine Caldwell Arts Council

alexa-FullSizeRender-7Alexa Greenwald is a young California-native living in Vienna, Austria and working in the field of women’s empowerment and counter violent extremism. A recent graduate of the University of Chicago, she is now program manager of the Women without Borders’ international Mothers Schools Against Extremism initiative, supporting the empowerment of women as an innovative strategy to reduce global violence. In this position, she works with mothers of children who have joined ISIS, seeking to understand their motivations for traveling to Syria. Alexa is also an editor of Southern Gothic. In this role she envisions a future working to better understand and advocate for the Celine Caldwell’s of the world: the young emerging minds of the next generations. Alexa wholeheartedly believes if we learn to nurture, respect and cultivate each young person’s individual talents, we will one day live in a world without oppression, violence, otherizing and fear.

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